Valentine’s Day — celebration or curse?

It’s upon us again.

Every year in the gloom of winter we fight the unwelcome bulges resulting from over-indulging in holiday treats. We trudge through rain, sleet and/or snow to our commitments, praying Spring will come early as relief.

Just as the world could not seem harder or bleaker, it sneaks up on us and stages an attack. We know we shouldn’t be caught off guard, as it happens every year, at the same time.

What is this dreaded event?

Valentine’s Day.

At least it can be dreaded by those who are sweetieless on that day.

So what’s a hopeful romantic to do when the world seems filled with couple-centered love, and you are uncoupled?

You can either embrace the spirit of the day or eschew it.

Here are a few ideas if you choose the former:

  • Make everyone you care about your valentine. Either buy or make physical cards or notes, or send electronic versions. The point is to make someone else feel your love. Even a smile and a “Happy Valentine’s Day” will go far to lift someone’s spirit.
  • Wear red and/or hearts in abundance. Stand out (tastefully and job-appropriate, of course) in your declaration of the day anointed as a celebration of love. If red’s not your color, pink or even purple will suffice.
  • When walking to/from buildings/transportation, play love songs on your iPod/phone loudly enough for others to hear — barely — but not blaring. Quietly sing along as others approach and smile at them. If s/he sings along, stop and join in a duet. Or, if the urge hits, dance a little and even spin the other. The point is to spread happiness.

If you are more of an eschewer:

  • Work to not get irritated if you encounter an embracer practicing the above (or similar) activities. Be zen. Let them do what they do. If you come upon someone like this, don’t glare or bark, just nod and keep going.
  •  Don’t feel you have to join in with others if you don’t want to. There’s no law that says celebrating Valentine’s Day is mandatory. Just don’t rain on others’ parades.
  • Listen to some of Adele’s songs that remind you that many love stories end up in heartbreak. You don’t have to share this world view with romantics, but you’ll remind yourself that you’re not ready to have a sweetie right now.

What do you do for Valentine’s Day when you’re in between sweeties?

(For other ideas, see Ideas for Women Who Are Sweetie-less for Valentine’s Day.)
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2 responses to “Valentine’s Day — celebration or curse?”

  1. Dawn Avatar

    I love the idea of giving out valentines. A few people in my office did it. You don’t have to be in a relationship to show love or be loved!


  2. Susan Avatar

    You should make everyone you care about a Valentine. It is a gift to be receiving love, so give it!