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We just created a new video, “Avoiding Dud Dates After 40” based on real-life experiences I’ve had with men — before I even met them! We tried to make t fun. See what you think. If you like it, would you do me the favor of sharing it through Facebook, Twitter, etc.?

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16 responses to “View DG’s new video!”

  1. Richard Avatar

    Darn. I was hoping to finally see the lady behind the curtain. Oh well, I’ll have to keep dreaming about the goddess.

    Amazing that guys can be that dense. I’d like to see a For Men Only version.

    DG: Ever think about starting a discussion forum linked to your website? People over 40 dating have different issues and perspectives than what comes up in most of the other dating discussion sites.

  2. Dating Goddess Avatar

    Richard: You have an image of me right here in this comment! 🙂

    What would be in the Men-Only version? I’ve heard tales, but what would be some of the things you’ve learned about a potential date before you even met her that were deal breakers?

    I’ve pondered a discussion board. Will see if WordPress has a plug in for that.

  3. Mike Avatar

    Very funny. NP on the sharing.

    Some things are the same for men. Don’t be living with your ex or still husband. Send picture of your parts and when I comment about them tell me I’m weird. Tell me the reason you were late is that you had an outer body experience with a UFO. To name a few.

  4. Karen Avatar


    But I wish you’d just put it up as a text post instead of a video. It was all only text anyway, so why not? The video takes forever to watch, waiting and waiting between the phrases, whereas reading through a text post is quick.

    I second the comment about a discussion group for daters after 40.

  5. Dating Goddess Avatar

    Karen: This was designed to be posted on YouTube to attract a whole different market that wouldn’t visit the blog without a little entertaining introduction. So yes, I could have just posted a list, but it wouldn’t have been YouTube friendly!

  6. Richard Avatar

    Well, if you want it for the youtube crowd, then the video should be of you sitting by your computer. You, dressed in a short skirt, patterned hose, and stiletto heals. While you are typing on your computer, you open an e-mail. Then a voice over reads the offending e-mail with a shot of your reaction.

    It should then end with an appropriately sensual, romantic e-mail, and a picture of you and a guy entering a restaurant for date #102.

  7. Dating Goddess Avatar

    Richard: You have a future as a screen writer/director!

    But if I’m on the screen, it loses the intrigue of my being cloaked, doesn’t it? I mean isn’t part of the fun of this that no one knows what I really look like? Gypsy Rose Lee never revealed certain important parts, right?


  8. Maria Avatar

    If you’re going to do something that’s “YouTube friendly,” then why not do something that’s actually YouTube friendly (i.e., compelling content), not a glorified PowerPoint presentation. This “video” is insulting in its banality. I can’t imagine you reaching a new audience with something so boring, elementary, and hokey.

  9. Richard Avatar

    As far as I can tell, there wasn’t much that Gypsy Rose Lee never revealed. However, I believe it was Mae West that said “I like my clothes to be tight enough to show I’m a woman, but loose enough to show I’m a lady.”

    “But if I’m on the screen, it loses the intrigue of my being cloaked, doesn’t it?”

    Maybe just a teaser for your first video. I’ll shoot your from behind, with you sitting in your chair half turned, legs crossed. That way, we can see the patterned hose, stiletto heals, but not your face.

  10. Mark Avatar

    “If you’re going to do something that’s “YouTube friendly,” then why not do something that’s actually YouTube friendly (i.e., compelling content), not a glorified PowerPoint presentation. This “video” is insulting in its banality. I can’t imagine you reaching a new audience with something so boring, elementary, and hokey.”

    I’m sorry, but I have to agree. I can’t imagine many people who see this would link to it for friends to see. In these times when digital film cameras are cheap, I’d expect a bit more.

    You can go on Youtube and get all kinds of dating advice videos that feature live camera filming. That’s what people expect on Youtube. They don’t really expect to see something that could be done in Powerpoint.

    Anyway, consider this constructive criticism.

  11. Dating Goddess Avatar

    Alrighty then! Glad you all don’t hold back in sharing your thoughts!

    My video producer was trying to create something in the vein of the newest trend on YouTube, which is animated-text slides coupled with sound. Seth Godin talked about this in his blog and we used one of the ones he spotlighted as a model. Also, see the very clever video my friend Eric Chester created using Apple’s Keynote with just his voice and standard PowerPoint-like visuals. It’s entertaining and is essentially a narrated slide show:

    Yes, we could have done a talking head, which frankly I think is boring, boring, boring. Or something with low production values from a FlipCamera, which is mostly what I see on YouTube and I think it looks like crap. Most YouTube videos that isn’t produced by HBO or some other Hollywood production company are banal.

    I wanted to try something that was a tad out of the norm of a talking head, student actors, and/or bad production values and follow Seth’s advice to use animated text. We wanted to see if we could appeal to a population that wouldn’t come to this blog.

    Being an entrepreneur is all about experimenting — trying new things to reach new markets. This obviously didn’t work with you all — but you come to the blog. So we’ll see if it attracts those who wouldn’t find their way here. And I will try something different in the next version!

  12. Ronnie Ann Ryan - The Dating Coach Avatar

    OMG – what a ruckus a little video can make! I made three videos over last summer DG, and comments have been things like – very basic, obvious, etc. Yet its the same advice I give frequently on my blog.

    Everyone’s a critic! But I say – I think you’re video is clever, short and fun, Good job! I hope it brings you the traffic you desire. Congrats on your entry into the youtube world. Merry video making! I’ll share it for sure.

  13. Mark Avatar

    I don’t know if you can avoid dud dates, either before or after 40. I’ve had about 30 “coffee dates” over the last few years and all but four of them were duds.

    There are all the ones I meet online who never get to the coffee date stage. Either they or I weed the other out.

    I think it’s impossible to know if it might work until you meet, and online dating unfortunately puts the meeting somewhere down the road. It’s not my preferred way to meet someone.

  14. Linda Avatar

    I think the video is charming and very well done. Could be because so many of them have happened to me that it made me chuckle.
    I have experienced most of the tips: Requests for text sex, chat sex; Get to know you better if we had sex; still lives with wife (or worse Mom!); bazillion ex-wives/girlfriends; and of course out dated photos from back in their “hair” days.
    I have been emailed pictures of “parts”. In one shot the part was “placed” beside the BBQ (which might have been to indicate scale?) but the thought of placing his bits so close to something so hot disturbed me even more – not to mention the hygiene aspect, like I’d ever come over for a BBQ lol!
    I did think the last one was going to be “He asks you to pick him up… because he lost his license” (twice, both times I just left..)
    I guess I’m lucky I still have a sense of humour… ;-D

  15. Kitty Avatar

    Seems like overall, online dating is just kind of a weird way to go about meeting someone, IF the goal is to find a lifetime partner….

    It only seems to work if the girl is super attractive, confident, and knows how to tickle a man’s fancy in a lady like way.

  16. Kitty Avatar

    I’ll never forget when my sister sent me a profile of this guy who had ‘ unemployed’ checked on his profile (this was about 8 years ago). His picture somehow matched the whole image… like he just did not care. We laughed and laughed. I had one writing to me who put a comma after the first word of each sentence. I was thinking wt”heck.”