“What’s your favorite curve?”

In “Understanding the stage your guy is in” I told you about Alison Armstrong’s study of what makes men tick and her subsequent “Celebrating Men, Satisfying Women®” workshops. I attended the free introductory program and not only confirmed some of what I’d learned on my own, but got some refinements and new information as well.

women’s curvesAn interesting concept that I think more women need to hear is that all men don’t like the same model-like body shape. In fact, she asked many men, “What’s your favorite curve on a woman’s body?” Each man grinned as he described and usually drew in the air that curve.

Some were of a woman’s breasts or butt, as we’d imagine. But a whole lot more said things like, “The curve where her back transitions to her tush,” or “Where her waist goes in under her ribs,” or “Where her calf shifts into her ankle.” Some men liked the curve of chins, necks, arms, bellies, etc. Who knew? Of course, some men liked more pronounced curves than others.

She also cemented the idea that men look at overall body shape, not individual imperfections. I remember standing naked in the bedroom talking to a boyfriend after taking a shower. He looked me up and down and said, “Wow. I just love your body.” Now remember, I am not a gym rat and have bumps and bulges, so this is not what I expected. I pointed to my cellulite-dimpled thighs and said, “So this cottage cheese stuff doesn’t bother you?” “No. I don’t even notice it.” “What about these love handles?” “Nope.” I nearly jumped over the king-size bed and kissed him then and there.

I’ve learned that often a man sizes up a woman as his “type” by her shape. That’s, in part, how a guy can know if he wants to pursue you or not within seconds of meeting you. It’s not only your face, clothes, walk, posture, hair, smell, etc., but much of it is an overall “Do I find her shape attractive.” We women usually label that shallow as we think he should get to know our personality before deciding. But it is what it is, and getting angry or frustrated doesn’t help really. So having a full-length picture on your dating site profile will eliminate some of those awkward brief meetings when the guy decides you aren’t his type within milliseconds.

The good news for us is that no matter what your shape, it’s likely some men will find your curves appealing, whether they are prominent or nearly straight. Now if we could just learn to appreciate them as much as the guys do.

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One response to ““What’s your favorite curve?””

  1. sdl Avatar

    Yep, always knew guys eyes made the first decision.

    I have a ‘generous’ butt that has always stuck out, courtesy of Mother Nature and a curvy lower back- and if a man comments on my figure it’s ALWAYS what they mention with appreciation.

    It usually takes much longer for them to have the courage to mention the slight overbite paired with full lips that seems to lead to some rather ‘racy’ thoughts in the males of the species- although it took Claudia Schiffer for me to openly acknowledge it was ‘a good thing’ vs a failure to agree to braces at 14… 😉

    Even today, when there are a few too many ‘love handles’ on my front and sides than I like, I really don’t have any strong unhappiness with my shape.

    I have even always been happy being rather small-busted as I knew it slowed the sagging and was easier to fit to, and I have a nice dip in my sternum that gives the IMPRESSION I have more than I really do that I love on low-cut outfits 🙂

    I guess I am lucky that I was such a tomboy growing up and just assumed I looked OK enough when boys started expressing interest in me ‘that way’.
    It prevented any strong body-image issues.

    All Right, I will admit to sadly realizing my fine straight hair is getting thinner and not as healthy and pretty as it once was…and the grey hairs are not going away as I hoped when I stuck my head in the sand about their existence… ah, well, age, right?