When a former date passes on

One of the unexpected experiences of dating after 40 is when someone you dated dies. I’ve had it happen twice now. Of course, death occurs at all ages. It’s just shocking when it’s someone you have met and become even a little fond of.

During the Oscar show memorial of those who died this year, I was shocked to see the name and pic of a man I dated briefly a few years ago.

During our dates, I noticed he had a few drinks every few hours, from several mimosas or bloody Marys at breakfast, to two Irish coffees mid-morning and/or mid-afternoon, beer, wine or a few cocktails at lunch, before-dinner drinks, wine with dinner and a nightcap. I thought he must be an alcoholic. I knew he was not for me.

After a few dates, we didn’t see each other again, but I loved telling the story of dating an Academy Award winner.
His obituary said he died in the hospital of liver and kidney failure. I can’t say I am surprised. He was 62. So sad to lose such talent so early.

The story of my becoming enchanted is at Rocket Man.

Have you heard of a former date dying? How did you react?


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  1. Nancy Avatar

    Yes. About 15 years ago I dated and loved a brilliant bipolar gentleman for almost five years. I loved his up moods and we had a great time together traveling, talking, laughing. Last year I learned, ironically from my ex husband, that he had completed an assisted suicide surrounded by dear friends who were singing hymns. I suppose it’s understandable that he did not include me in that esteemed group although I would love to know his reason for that exclusion.