You are loved!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

The spirit of Valentine’s Day is to show others you care about them and, in turn, others will show that you are loved. However, sometimes we need to step back and see how love shows up in our lives in subtle ways.

It’s easy to focus on only romantic love on this day of hearts and roses, yet there are so many aspects of love that can be expressed and felt on this day. A few days ago I talked about how you can be your own valentine in “Dateless for Valentine’s?

Universe loves youToday I’d like to suggest you notice all the ways the Universe shows you are loved. (I don’t know if you believe in Spirit, Higher Power, Universe, God or some other force that signifies a power greater than humans. If you don’t, just translate the following into terms that make sense to you. I’m going to call the higher power Universe, but substitute whatever word you like.)

What are some of the ways you are blessed? Let me list a few:

  • You have income so you can support yourself and have food and shelter.
  • You have a roof over your head so you are dry, warm and safe.
  • You have clothing to keep you warm and perhaps helps you feel you look good.
  • You have friends who care about you.
  • You have flowers and trees in your neighborhood to remind you of the beauty of nature.
  • You can get around, either on your own power or with an aid.
  • You can experience the world through your eyes, ears and/or nose and enjoy what your senses tell you.
  • You can communicate through your voice, writing, or body.
  • You have challenges, which give you an opportunity to stretch yourself with problem solving and letting go.
  • You can read and are computer literate, which opens up untold worlds and opportunities for you.
  • You have access to transportation, either a car, bus, subway/underground/metro, taxi, bicycle, motorbike, etc., which enables you to go farther faster.
  • You have the ability to see a world filled with love and possibility in many people.

This is just the start of a list of ways you are loved by the Universe. Adapt the above to yourself and add to the list.

The cool thing about this list is the more you list, the more you will notice the love in your life, and guess what — the more you will get!

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9 responses to “You are loved!”

  1. Bruce Daley Avatar

    Happy Valentine’s Day

  2. Steve Mertz Avatar

    Happy Valentines Day Goddess! I wanted to pass this list on to my buddy…he called me this morning to tell me that his girl friend dropped him. She sent him an email and then told him not to bother responding via phone or email! Seemed a little cold to me, Goddess.

  3. Traci Avatar

    Bruce just took the words out of my mouth . . . um, I mean off of my fingertips! ;o) Happy Valentine’s Day!

  4. Dating Goddess Avatar

    Traci and Bruce — thanks for the V-Day wishes!

    Steve — that is just so tacky! I did two interviews today on this topic. See tomorrow’s posting.

  5. Gatti Avatar

    A belated Valentine’s Day greeting to the DG and you all!

    What you’ve got up there in the article is a Gratitude List, DG. Some people write them every day. I have a special little book for them. And when you think that there is nothing to be grateful for, go back to the basics, as you have: food, water, shelter. So much of the world can’t claim that.

    Me? I spent Valentine’s Day text messaging to a man and a little boy, who had taken off on a short trip in the school holiday week. Not quite a romantic dinner out, but very loving in it’s way!

  6. Deb and JoJami Avatar

    Hope everyone makes sure to wear something special for your Valentine.
    For men, try a soft cuddly sweater or for women something with a plunging neckline!
    Feel fun and sexy, try something new.

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  8. Coach Amy Schoen Avatar

    In my February ezine on I talk about how it’s important as a single person to apprectiate those who are in your life, be it a child, a parent or your good friend. Valentines Day is about showing grand affection for those important people in your life.

    Kudos to you Dating Goddess for sharing your thoughts on what’s really important in our lives and to focus on what we do have.

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