Are you sending off “ready” vibes?

Talking to a single friend about her dating life, she said, “I’m really not ready, but I do have a profile posted.”

“Why do you have a profile posted if you’re not interested in actually dating right now?”

“It puts me in the mood of getting ready.”

“That’s wise. It opens you up to the possibility of dating, which carries over into real life. You send off more energy that you’re available for romance and men pick that up. I’ve noticed more men flirt with me since I’ve been dating. I think it’s my attitude.”

Have you been getting ready to get ready to date? If so, why not take the plunge and post your profile on a site or two. If you get any nibbles and aren’t quite ready, you can always politely decline. But it will also help you shift into ready mode more quickly. And who knows who’ll pick up on those vibes and ask you out.

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3 responses to “Are you sending off “ready” vibes?”

  1. ninetyminutes Avatar

    I think it’s dreadful to post a profile if you aren’t ready! There are too many men/women doing this because it makes THEM feel better when they aren’t really serious. If someone really sincere and open comes along, they make themselves targets for these window shoppers in need of some kind of reassurance. Most of them have nothing to give back! I wish the window shoppers wouldn’t engage with others, but they can’t help themselves!

  2. ninetyminutes Avatar

    One more thought…. I understand your post, but most of the time, it does take some real thought as opposed to posting a profile to just to see who pops up. From my experience, it doesnt make them ready all of a sudden. The sincere one gets the short end of the stick!

  3. Mitsy Avatar

    I agree Ninety, there are already too many “window shoppers” online as it is. When I was doing online dating, I often had the urge to add to my profile “serious inquiries only”. I had way too many players contact me and LEAD ME ON. I got sick of it. I finally found someone locally, but even that has not been without headaches.

    So my thinking is that only single people who are “serious” about meeting someone should put their profile online. It isn’t a “hobby” or “pastime” to use people or get someone’s hopes up when they only need an ego boost. At least that is my opinion about an online profile.