Dating differences: it’s in the brains

My friend Ian forwarded the following excerpt from an article on the difference between male and female brains, as it relates to dating and relationships.

“‘[Women] use different brain areas and circuits to solve problems, process language, experience and store the same strong emotion,’ [researcher] Brizendine says. ‘Women may remember the smallest details of their first dates, and their biggest fights, while their husbands barely remember that these things happened.’ Their inborn ability to “mirror emotions” makes women more sensitive to the feelings of others.

“But with these great powers comes the great headache of a capricious mix of neuro-hormonal players, a bouillabaisse of estrogen, progesterone, testosterone, oxytocin, cortisol and vasopressin, to name a few ingredients. Testosterone-driven men, comparatively speaking, are a quick study.

“‘Because of the fluctuations that begin as early as three months and last until after menopause, a woman’s neurological reality is not as constant as a man’s,’ Brizendine writes. ‘His is like a mountain that is worn away imperceptibly over the millennia by glaciers … Hers is more like the weather itself — constantly changing and hard to predict.’

“Every brain, the author notes, begins female. But by week eight, a male’s genetic calendar calls for a toga party with killer kegs of testosterone, effectively killing off cells in the communication centres of the brain while diverting growth to the sex and aggression centres. Which really tells you everything you need to know about la difference.”

It explains a lot, doesn’t it? So when a man communicates caringly and sensitively, we should applaud loudly and acknowledge him as it is out of his DNA’s comfort zone.

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