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  • “I’m not just some girl you met on the Internet”

    [googmonify]8790107066:right:120:600[/googmonify]A few weeks ago on “Private Practice” two colleagues decided to take their sexual chemistry to the “friends with benefits” level. However, when in the bedroom ready to commence, she couldn’t go through with it, claiming that sex together would cheapen their relationship. She exclaims, “I’m not just some girl you met on the Internet.” […]

  • Playgirl glory

    It took five months of occasional email exchanges to finally meet. It was worth the wait. Why so long? He had been traveling the world for a non-profit project he founded. He was in the States infrequently during the past year, and even more rarely at his home in my area. As part of getting […]

  • “I’m a nerd!”

    [googmonify]8604416547:left:120:240[/googmonify] So said the professor with a Ph.D. and several masters degrees. My Google search revealed a page (not written by him) that called him “a famed professor” in his area of study. Other sites also lauded him. So I thought perhaps he was being modest when saying he was a nerd as he pursued […]

  • Beware of multitasking when multidating

    When friends learn I have sometimes dated multiple men simultaneously, they ask how I am able to do so. Logistically, I keep notes in my Date-A-Base, logging facts like children (names, ages, locations), parents (living or not, location), marriage/LTRs (how long, how long ago), where he grew up, went to school, or important jobs or […]

  • Prince Considerate breaks up — considerately

    After dinner and a nice stroll, we settled back in my house for a DVD. But before we could get started, he pulled me to his lap and put his arms around me. “This is a very hard thing, but I need to say it. I don’t know why, but I’m not finding myself falling […]

  • Entering the Land of Testosterone

    I’m experimenting with trying to meet men in the “real” world. I’m inserting myself into places where gobs of possible potential suitors gather. Today I entered the Land of Testosterone. “Where is that?” you ask. A professional football game. A friend had an extra ticket so I attended our local team’s game. I thought this […]

  • Truffles, pigs and romance

    You may have heard of the pheromone androstenone, found in boar saliva, that is similar to what men secrete through sweat glands. It is said to drive some females into a frenzy. Did you know that truffles (the wild mushroom kind not the chocolate kind) smell similarly? Truffles’ scent is what makes sows such effective […]

  • Midlife dating etiquette

    The other day I was asked me for some rules of etiquette for when one is beginning to date. While etiquette is, according to the dictionary, “the customary code of polite behavior,” there are no hard and fast rules. What is rude to one is not a big deal for another. Following are what I’ve […]

  • What’s your date’s score on the Delight/Disappointment Scale?

    Competitive people keep score. They note accumulated points and penalties. I think we unconsciously do this with our dates. So I’ve devised a chart to illustrate what usually happens in our minds. We track the things we like and weigh them against the things we don’t like or are disappointed by. Sometimes these disappointments are […]

  • Dating differences: it’s in the brains

    My friend Ian forwarded the following excerpt from an article on the difference between male and female brains, as it relates to dating and relationships. “‘[Women] use different brain areas and circuits to solve problems, process language, experience and store the same strong emotion,’ [researcher] Brizendine says. ‘Women may remember the smallest details of their […]