DG on “Girlfriend We Gotta Talk” radio show

It was great fun to be interviewed for “Girlfriend We Gotta Talk” radio show which aired Sunday. Download the show to listen to our lively 1/2-hour conversation.


If you want the real scoop on what it’s like to be dating again after 40, get your copy of Dipping Your Toe in the Dating Pool: Dive In Without Belly Flopping.


5 responses to “DG on “Girlfriend We Gotta Talk” radio show”

  1. Richard Avatar

    Hi Goddess: Nice chat, but slow start (a lot of them talking, and little of you talking). Mostly what you have already written about. But a few nuggets here and there. I liked the comment about after being married, you had one data point, but now you have 110 data points, and have figured out what is common to most guys. I’m still amazed that guys have “forgotten how to date”. Even if you are married, you are always practicing with your spouse. I’m guessing they never learned in the first place. BTW: You have a nice voice. Another glimpse into the lady behind the curtain.

  2. Dating Goddess Avatar

    Thanks for the review, Richard. Since it is Mary and Susie’s show, I’m guessing their fans expect a bit of them, not just their guest! They were fun.

    And yes, when I’m interviewed by the media I do cover what I’ve written about here. I don’t hold back from you — I write whatever I’ve learned! 🙂

    Thanks for the compliment on my voice. I do like doing radio.

  3. Lisa Avatar

    That was a nice interview. You have an energetic cheerful demeanor. Too bad it is such a struggle to find someone to appreciate it!

  4. Dating Goddess Avatar

    Lisa: Thanks!

    I have plenty who appreciate it. The challenge is to find someone where there is a *mutual* attraction!

  5. Jenny Gray Avatar

    Very god interview, well presented, I think most men have forgotten how to date.