Entering the Land of Testosterone

I’m experimenting with trying to meet men in the “real” world. I’m inserting myself into places where gobs of possible potential suitors gather. Today I entered the Land of Testosterone.

“Where is that?” you ask.

A professional football game.

footballA friend had an extra ticket so I attended our local team’s game. I thought this would give me an opportunity to be surrounded by enthusiastic men. I was right. But it was not quite what I’d hoped for.

Looking around, I assessed potential flirting prospects. I think the vendors must have been selling testosterone-infused beer. The men I observed were fervently cheering our team and vociferously booing the opposition. (To be fair, the women were too.)

The young men around me were taking turns using binoculars to inspect the cheerleaders — who were only 20 feet in front of us. Even with the football players at our end of the field, these voyeurs were more engrossed in scrutinizing the gals’ body parts than in watching the plays.

I found myself joining in the oglefest — but my focus was on a fine stud muffin who hovered near the gaggle of cheerleaders by a media video-viewing station. It was unclear what he was doing there, but he had the appropriate credentials to get past security. So when the game got boring, I entertained myself by imaging how I could meet him. After all, he was 25-feet into the secure zone. How would I just bump into him?

But no amount of mental telepathy could get him to saunter up to my third-row seat. I considered calling him over, but I thought that would appear just too desperate. So instead, I just enjoyed the eye candy, but unlike my teenage male row-mates, I didn’t use my binoculars.

So I am not having great luck meeting men in places they gather en masse. But I will not give up! I may try Hunter’s suggestion of car swap meets and car shows. And I may even try NASCAR or boxing — if I get desperate!

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10 responses to “Entering the Land of Testosterone”

  1. Strblonde Avatar

    Lucky you to get a ticket to a pro football game. Packer tickets are ALWAYS sold out & you’d be dead by the time your name would ever come up on the waiting list! Badger games aren’t much better. So I have to be content with the high school team. Fortunately, they’re very good and off to a 5-1 season!

  2. Gatti Avatar

    Years ago I had a buddy who moved to a new city and wanted to meet nice women. He was painfully shy but he had the brilliant idea to sign up for a jazz dance class!

    Would that be called frolicking in the land of estrogen????

  3. bookyone Avatar

    Hi DG,

    I’m sorry to hear of your lack of man hunting success at the football game. In my limited experience, the only places where men outnumber women, (besides sporting events and car shows), is on online sex and swinger sites like AFF. Unfortunately, the men on this site are pretty much all married and only interested in booty calls; (at a friend’s suggestion I set up a free profile some months ago trying to get a date. I got plenty of offers all right, from guys of all ages, but they weren’t for dinner and a kiss at the door afterwards, so I politely declined the offers, and after a few weeks I deleted the profile).

    I’m thinking of trying a traditonal matchmaking service, one of the old fashioned offline ones where you pay the service to set you up with compatible men. It costs a bit, but at least the men I’m introduced to should be on the same page as I am regarding LTRs and marriage.

    Best wishes from bookyone 🙂

  4. Lulu Avatar

    According to the book ‘MEN!’ there is one country in which there are endless amounts of men, and no women, and that’s China, because of political fiddling with demographics and cultural focus on giving birth to sons instead of daughters. The author also suggests Poland, for cultured, interesting, interested available men over 45. Diving, apparently, is the activity which generates the most proximity to men…I’m afraid wetsuits hold no appeal for me, but I’m told they flatter the figure!

  5. Ally Avatar

    I stumbled onto this outlet: a volunteer historic building rehab. Lots of men, both volunteer and paid, some married, some single, serious toolbelt activity. I was caulker, puttier, and painter, and I’ve just hooked up with the carpenter, a true stud (pun!), who volunteers some of his time over paid hours. He’s into astronomy and history, is a fishing nut, and loves board games and >gasp< snuggling.

    Try a Habitat for Humanity or similar gig…

  6. nysharon Avatar

    Take up Golf. Some golf clubs have mixed leagues and often there are fund raising golf outings where you can be a beginner and team up with more experienced people and it is more a social thing with a dinner after. There are golf clinic weekends to learn at various resorts in the north east. Probably have similar resorts in your area.
    Not sure if you live near the mountains, but skiing is another option.

  7. Gentlehard Avatar

    You are not the only following this strategy. The women at a football game are much more attractive and sexier than those at an art museum.

  8. Dating Goddess Avatar

    Strblonde: So have you hooked up with any high schooler’s dads? I wonder if high school baseball or soccer games might work? Not for me, as I have no interest in watching high school sports. But if you do, go for it.

    Gatti: “land of estrogen” very funny! That could also be cosmetic counters, quilting bees, baby showers. But men seem to have gotten the courage to piece the estrogen curtain of Victoria’s Secret, as I see them in there all the time.

    Lulu: I’m not desperate enough to go abroad for man hunting! Although I may see if I can set up a date or two during my India and Singapore trip, just to see how international dating works. All for research, of course.

    NYSharon: Thanks for the suggestion, but the key here is to do activities that you *like* or think you’d like, not just go to events where there are men. Otherwise, I’d be hanging out at cigar stores and strip joints! No, no golf for me, thank you. The Golf Addict sort of put the nail in that coffin — or the flag in that hole (?).

    Gentlehard: I’ve seen some hotties at the museum! I think it must depend on the exhibit.

    Bookyone: Not ready to do the matchmaker route yet. I’m still having fun and have a steady stream of potential suitors. I thought I’d branch out to try other methods since we’d been discussing that here this last month.

  9. PreviouslyQueenofE Avatar

    Here’s a new area of testosterone for yas: sailboat racing. It’s not NASCAR but it’s a heck of lot more demanding , mentally and physically. I’ve started crewing on a local racing sailboat (not the America’s cup types – they HAVE to have young studs with big biceps to grind those winches) but the boat class I crew in is dominated by young men, with the older men writing the checks.

    It’s absolutely cheek-fanning time at the kick off parties for a big regatta for these things. This boat class does have its amateur sailors, and there are always the local sailors hanging around, so it’s a great place to sightsee, if nothing else. In my mind, even though I do enjoy football, I’d rather look at sailors drinking beer than chunky fans with body paint guzzling Bud Big Gulps!

  10. Nikki Avatar

    Im sorry to hear that. Frankly, I met the same circumstances at several dating sites. It is a truth in Western countries that women outnumber men。 It was reported there is an opposite situation in Eastern countries. 🙂

    Maybe women should turn to Eastern countries?

    Just a joke.