Guys make a great first impression with a small gift

The other day I had a first date with a guy who brought me a present — a recent bestselling book he thought I’d like. It was a great gift, as it is in the genre I read and I hadn’t read it yet. Thumbs up!

One guy’s first-date gift was a CD of romantic songs to play while cooking together. He said we could play it sometime when we prepare a meal together. Good move — it was thoughtful and suggested a second encounter.

The stuffed bear with a red heart was brought to me on Feb. 16. I knew my date bought it half price at a local store, but that didn’t diminish its affect on me. It was very sweet. The guy who brought it and I are now dear friends, so the bear sits in a special place in my bedroom and I think of him and that first date every time I see it.

One guy brought a bouquet of flowers. Even one red rose can make a date stand out. It’s not the gift itself, although if it is a great gift, even better. More it shows thoughtfulness, care and that the guy went out of his way to make the first date memorable. So even if there were other parts of the date that were so-so, a small gift will often tip the scale to ensure a second date.

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2 responses to “Guys make a great first impression with a small gift”

  1. ER Avatar

    So what’s the protocol on the second date? Is it still affectionate if he brings another gift? Do you bring him a gift to thank him for the first gift?

    (I feel like Borat learning about the dating preferences of American women)

    DG do you ever arrive at a first date with a gift for the guy?


  2. Dating Goddess Avatar


    I have brought a gift to a first date. In “Dear Fido” you’ll see I even made blueberry muffins for that guy! And since my first date with The Chief was at his house for coffee, I brought some favorite cookies. (Actually, nearly all cookies — as long as they are chocolate — are favorite. but I digress.)

    I do it judiciously, however.

    As I’ve said here before, if men only knew how much mileage they’d get out of one rose on a date…