“I’ll be the best you ever had”

John LegendAs much as I love John Legend, his “Tonight” lyric is indicative of men who over promise and under deliver. If a man brags about his prowess in kissing or sex, you can bet you will be disappointed.

When a man’s online profile claims he’s a great kisser — or more — I immediately sever contact. My experience has proven a man is delusional who brags about any exceptional talent or endowment in a sexual arena. Even if a man doesn’t put his adeptness in writing but shares it verbally, my red flag warning signal goes into action. Hubris does not bode well.

Before I knew better, I’d actually believe a man’s declarations as fact. Only when I was disappointed time and time again, did I figure out the truth — men who are actually stellar at these acts don’t need to boast about it. If they crow, there is a problem. Seems common sense now, but at the time I hadn’t cracked the code.

Not only should you be on guard at anyone who asserts some out-of-the-ordinary finesse, but you should monitor your own profile and verbiage to ensure you aren’t making similar claims. If you declare out-of-the-world kissing skills, you’ll attract a lot of men who want to test you, whether you want to be kissed by them or not.

However, sharing a love of kissing is different than saying you can tie a knot in a cherry stem with your tongue. A date once asked me if I liked to kiss. I said, “Yes, I love good kissing.” The distinction helped him see that I didn’t like just any kind of kissing — there had to be a quality to it.

What’s your experience with those who declare their extraordinariness in this area? Is it a turn off or turn on? Have you been disappointed more often than pleased?


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4 responses to ““I’ll be the best you ever had””

  1. Pheebs Avatar

    I agree 99 percent. Most of the time, if a man, or anyone for that matter, brags about how great they are at anything, too often, they are mediocre at best.

  2. Lisa Avatar

    I have, probably fortunately, never had the “pleasure” of putting a man’s boasting to the test. When a guy goes on about that in his profile, even if it is just a few words, it really is a turn off. One man recently wrote to me and in one of the first sentences he wrote that he was a “sensitive and attentive lover” along with a few other blah blah brags. I find that kind of talk just plain ick!

  3. Belle Avatar

    Men are mostly talk and no action. As a single woman in my late 40s, I’ve received dozens of emails from men on dating sites claiming he “can go for hours”. Most can last about 10 minutes tops.

    The best lovers I’ve been with never had to brag about a thing.

  4. markdice Avatar

    Belle I´m sorry to tell you but that is exactly how most men try to get laid. Don´t ever believe if a man tries to bragg about his endurance in bed.