The sweet rewards of flirting

Usually flirting’s rewards are putting a smile on someone else’s face as well as your own, sharing a laugh and connection, enjoying the moment, and sometimes getting a hug, a kiss, or a date. But I’ve just received a new reward for my flirting.

A few weeks ago I wrote “Flirting with fame — and a radio interviewer” recapping my interview with a fun radio personality and our subsequent email flirting. We’ve been keeping it up since then, emailing several times a week.

GodivaImagine my delight and surprise to return home Sunday night from a business trip to have a box awaiting from my “e-boyfriend,” as he calls himself. It was a Valentine’s box of Godiva. My kind of man!

You may be thinking I’ve led this man on, since we’ve never met and barely talked on the phone. No, we’ve shared information about the people we’re both currently dating. He said I’ve been “a fun muse.” He added, “I’ve appreciated your sexy way of approaching life.” He reads this blog, so knows where I’m coming from.

In “Flirt your heart out” I discussed how to practice flirting. Since then I’ve found “What Social Science can tell you about flirting and how to do it,” a free comprehensive 26-page downloadable report.

Have you found different rewards to flirting? If so, share them with us.

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    Hi, I just wrote something about dating after 40. Good topic, huh?