What melts your heart?

heart meltingWe all dream of someone who melts our heart. And when he does or says those liquefying actions or words, his flaws seem to dim. We are drawn to him more. We feel ourselves rising a bit more towards love.

What are not just things you like, but things that make your heart soften? Are there phrases you know make your knees weak when you hear them? Are there actions that are just so loving that you are then putty in his hands? I know certain actions make me swoon, then there are others that I don’t know get me giddy until I hear or experience them.

To help you get started on your list, here are some examples of what my sweetie has written in emails that has left me in a puddle, starting with ones before we met and going up til today:

  • “I’ve appreciated your sexy way of approaching life. You’ve moved me in a high school crush kind of way.”
  • “You realize I’m falling in e-love with you. I know that’s e-wrong, since we just e-met. I’ll see an e-therapist to stay e-grounded.”
  • “You, my exciting, intelligent, beautiful inside and out, professional, are a wonderful muse. I have been energized by you and, at the risk of quoting another movie, ‘You make me want to be a better man.’”
  • “I just want to make it clear that I am hoping for a very long-term relationship with you.”
  • “I want you to feel warm, safe and cherished.”
  • “I’d like to think I’m going to be able to love you for the rest of time.”
  • “I am in total awe of you and my love for you is oozing out of me in bright thoughts, smiles, and even that stupid laugh I do.”
  • “I’m up … woke up thinking of you and got too excited to sleep.”
  • “You’re a princess and I miss you very much.”
  • “If I were with you I would give you such a long, loving kiss it would take your breath away.”
  • “You know how special you are to me and you ARE a glorious, gorgeous, and generous Goddess. This man is so grateful to God to have found you.”
  • “I may not be there in person, but I’m there in loving, honoring spirit.”
  • “Only 5 days until I get to see you again.”
  • “I’m thinking about you”
  • “I miss you.”
  • “I love you.”

Share some of the things that get your knees weak.

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5 responses to “What melts your heart?”

  1. Gatti Avatar

    This was nearly a month ago and it’s just gotten better and better…

    “All I want to say is that I love you, I think that you are the most incredible mixture of flair, romance, pragmatism, creativity, realism, passion, fun, beauty and silliness – all that I could ever want and much more besides than I could ever have imagined.”

    I keep a copy of this in my diary, so I have it with me all the day to remind me of how completely lucky I am.

  2. bookyone Avatar

    Hi DG,

    Wow, your guy and Gatti’s guy sound like real keepers. I wish I could meet a guy who had just an ounce of romance in his soul. It seems like a lot of single men think the ideal sweet nothing to whisper in their date’s ear is “your place or mine?”

    Guys, the romance has to come first. You need to do a bit of wooing to let us know we’re appreciated. Sex is fun, but love is number one in this middle aged gal’s book.

    Best wishes from bookyone 🙂

  3. Christine Avatar

    Oh,…yikes, I’ve convinced myself that guys only say these kinds of things in the movies. Now I have to face the fact that I really HAVE been missing out!

  4. Leah Avatar

    I also am lucky enough to have met someone who can melt my heart.I used to call him my handsome prince,but since proclaiming,”no prince,honey,only a frog”,he is now known as my ”handsome frog”!!Good luck,ladies,there are still true gentlemen out there,just don’t settle for less!!

  5. sarah Avatar

    oh ladies do not settle for someone who makes you feel unloved or unappriciated (unless of course theyre just shy and you two have an understanding and maybe working at it) because i met a man so wonderful that i feel like its a dream. he tells me im beautiful and perfect in every way and he never fails to make me feel loved. he believes in me and makes me feel needed. without him i dont know what i would do. …we both believe were meant to be and hate to be apart…were gonna last forever…..good luck!