Who are you magnetizing into your life?

Some people believe they attract people into their life. Within reason, I’m one of them. I don’t believe that I attract every person with whom I come in contact, but I do think I’ve had important people come to me, if even for just a few minutes. When that’s happened, there’s been a lesson for me from my interaction with them.

I feel the same way about the men I draw into my dating life. I’ve enjoyed meeting nearly all the men with whom I’ve had at least coffee. Some have turned into beaus or treasured pals. And even the few who weren’t pleasant had a lesson for me.

Messiah’s HandbookThis concept of attraction is articulated in Richard Bach‘s Messiah’s Handbook. I love most everything Bach has written. He has a knack for being pithy and profound at the same time. The quote I’m referencing is:

Master’s Certificate

This is to certify that the bearer has been declared a Master of Spacetime, and is authorized to command absolute control over all personal life events and an indefinite number of simultaneous life experiences, to focus consciousness among them at will to freely choose triumph or tragedy as she or he wishes, and to magnetize such like spirits as she or he desires for her or his personal education and entertainment. This certificate is subject to the following limits: Self-imposed.

It’s there, that certificate, in everybody’s pocket.

I love this concept. But I especially love the idea that we magnetize people into our lives who we desire for our “personal education and entertainment.” That does not mean we use people for our own pleasure, but since the other person has the same certificate, we are there for his/her amusement or education as well. It’s mutual.

When you realize you are drawing people into your life — especially men who you meet to explore possible romance — your perspective shifts. You look at the man sitting opposite you with new eyes. What is he there to teach you? Don’t worry about what you are there to teach him — that’s his job to figure out.

In “‘There must be a pony in here’” I quote another of Bach’s aphorisms to remember when the encounter isn’t as positive as you’d like.

What do you think about the dating partners you’ve drawn to you? Do you see the lessons they’ve brought? Or were the there merely for your amusement?

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2 responses to “Who are you magnetizing into your life?”

  1. bookyone Avatar

    Hi DG,

    Wow, heavy stuff. I’m not sure I can answer this one, as all I’ve ever attracted have been users and players who seemed to feel a need to belittle and ridicule me, (as if my self esteem wasn’t bad enough on the inside without taking hits from outsiders), as well as cheat on me every chance they got. I’m not sure there’s much of a lesson to be learned from this, except maybe not to date and instead have fun with my friends, which is what I’ve been doing and, yes, I’m feeling a little better and stronger with every passing day.

    I’d love to meet a caring, decent, monogamous guy, just ONE, but either they are few and far between or else they’re not attracted to big hearted older women with bruised egos and bad skin problems.

    Best wishes from bookyone 🙂

  2. K Avatar

    I’ve only dated a few men since my husband died, and I definitely believe I’ve attracted each one to learn a new lesson. One I learned that we needed more in common. One I learned no matter how much money you have you can’t buy love. One I learned what letting go & having pure fun was about, and this last one about receiving. Receiving has been the hardest lesson for me to learn. I’m a people pleaser and it is been harder learning to receive and say thank you than it has to almost learn anything else. To let someone else give & have that joy was an interesting lesson. I’m hoping the next one the desire to give will be mutual. I’m looking forward to the next one…..maybe I can combine all of the above!!!