“Date #75 requests permission to land”

Passing the airport the other day, my friend Ken noticed the many planes lined up for miles awaiting their turn to approach the runway. He said he immediately thought of my always having an endless stream of potential suitors lined up in various stages of “landing” a date with me.

Plane — let’s playIt’s true that I am never long without someone knocking on my fuselage, I mean email door, wanting to make contact. The value of having guys lined up is I don’t linger over love gone sour. Much the same as when I miss a flight, there is nearly always another one ready to take off within a short period.

Just as some of the planes in queue may have to circle in a holding pattern if the runway is busy, so too a potential paramour may have to wait his turn if I’m besotted with someone else at the moment. Of course, just like an air traffic controller, I can deftly juggle several flights at once.

And similar to when a pilot may have difficulty landing in severe weather or with wind shear, sometimes too, a first date can be shaky. It takes a confident, experienced pilot to safely maneuver in unfamiliar conditions, like a first date with someone he barely knows.

PlaneIf the landing is too rocky and uncomfortable — unnerving even — then I quickly disembark and wish the pilot well as he takes off on his next journey without me. So, too, with rocky dates — I know this man is not for me, so bid him good luck and say bon voyage.

And sometimes I choose to just hang out in the terminal, or no one is in a landing pattern. That’s fine, as I busy myself reading, calling friends, writing my next book or blog entry, viewing a DVD or just people watching. A favorite game is picking out potential boyfriends from the airport crowd, deciding who I’d want to go out with.

Then pretty soon I hear a new pilot saying, “DG’s Date #75 requests permission to land.” And the next adventure begins.

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3 responses to ““Date #75 requests permission to land””

  1. bookyone Avatar

    Hi DG,

    Date #75 requesting permission to land, now this is too funny. Thanks, I needed a good laugh today. 🙂

    Best wishes from bookyone 🙂

  2. electricdreamz74 Avatar

    I will remember these wise words, as I fly off on Sunday to meet an eHarmony match. The airport boyfriend game is a must! Thanks for all your wonderful thoughts!

  3. Aggressively Single Avatar
    Aggressively Single

    You have such a great attitude – you are an inspiration to all of us! Have you found a down side to having lots of “flights” waiting to land?