Gentleman morphs into masher

I recognized him at the airport coming past Security. He was taller than he seemed in his pics, better looking and better built. He’d been on an airplane 13 hours, yet he’d donned a suit and tie because he knew I find men in well-fitting suits sexy!

He recognized me — I was wearing a tiara, of course. He said he’d have recognized me without it. He kissed me on both cheeks — how European! — and gave me a quick hug.

We dropped his suitcases at his hotel and I waited while he changed. His body clock said 5 a.m. so he was tired and hungry. During an enjoyable light dinner with good conversation, we periodically touched and held hands, as we had walking to the restaurant. After dinner, he announced he was tired so we walked back to his hotel.

As we hugged goodbye, he suddenly got a burst of energy. He started kissing and caressing me like a starving man at an all-you-can-eat buffet who voraciously fills his plate to overflowing as if he’ll never eat again. It was as if someone had announced “Let the grope-fest begin!” I quickly extricated myself as I knew where the one-way grab-train was heading and I wanted off at the next station.

So what happened? How did he go from gentleman to masher in a few minutes? Did I give off unintended signals that I was easy? What happened to decorum on the first date? What happened to respect? Did he think that his air fare and hotel costs entitled him to sex? Did he really expect that I would sleep with him within hours of meeting him? Was he used to that from other women, or was I just so luscious he couldn’t control himself? I doubt either was the case.

I was disappointed that I had to fight him off. I didn’t see it coming.


“Give a man a free hand and he’ll run it all over you.” —Mae West

We saw each other for a few hours the next day before his flight home. He was back to being a gentleman, albeit an affectionate one. He says he’ll return in a month for a longer visit, staying in the same hotel. So at least he doesn’t assume he’ll stay with me. Before he buys his ticket, we will discuss expectations. If he expects to fly 2000 miles for sex, he shouldn’t bother. For the same price he could get a high-priced call girl.

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4 responses to “Gentleman morphs into masher”

  1. carol Avatar

    That didn’t go right. Some men will never learn how to actually behave with a woman.

  2. Dating Goddess Avatar

    I always find it surprising and sad that men in their late 40s through early 60s seem to know so little about how to treat a woman. I’m sure they think the same thing about us. I’d be curious to read what disappoints midlife men most about woman, so if you know any links of articles about this, please leave them in a comment. The one I’ve heard most often from men is women with an entitlement attitude that he will pay for everything and treat her like a queen. But does he know how to treat her like a goddess? 🙂

  3. Paulette Avatar

    There was a recent movie, whose name escapes me, where one of the characters knew every thought of the others in the story. There are many times in life, like your experience with this man, where I think that gift would be oh so helpful. Instead we are mere mortals with the gift or curse of having to articulate our thoughts, play guessing games, or gravely misinterpret. As always, thanks for sharing.

  4. Dating Goddess Avatar

    Perhaps you’re thinking of “What Women Want” where Mel Gibson could hear women’s thoughts. Too bad he didn’t have the skill of mind reading with his recent troubles, but I digress.

    Yes, I have often thought “What was he thinking?” when a man acts unfathomably. Like did Mr. Masher think I was enjoying myself when his hands were all over me and I was squirming to break the embrace? Who knows?